Yoga Infographic

Is Google reading our minds? Google’s instant preview tool provides a snapshot of the world’s collective thought process. For example, typing in “how to” in the search bar will show suggested results of the most popular searches done on google. This is Google summing up what most of us are curious to know. How is this search engine related to my blog, yoga and new trends? Simply put: Google lays out the most popular trending searches. It seems almost vital to be aware of the top trends in order to keep up with the times today. So yes, google will always be a mind-reading machine as long as everyone “googles” what they’re curious to find out.

Here, I’ve used this tool to bring you a snapshot of what yoga is transforming into. Allowing Google to lead the search on the words “yoga trends”, I’ve collected the top yoga fads that are new and upcoming. Some trends such as Doga and Acro-yoga transform what used to be a silent, self-discovering practice into an interactive social activity with another friend or Fido (floaties, anyone?).  Staying true to asana (body-focused) yoga, Roga and Paddleboard yoga offers maximum strength and balance challenges for any hard core fitness fanatics looking to push their limits. These trends aren’t slow to show up either. Groupon offers many yoga deals for Paddleboard yoga and Acro yoga already. I’ve put together a little info graphic that gives a quick look into what yoga looks like today amongst men and women, locations across the United States, and descriptions of the newest yoga trends.

Yoga Trends



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