Free, Quick, Effective Marketing Tool: Video

There are endless Yoga studios marketing themselves on sites such as Groupon and Living Social. An overwhelming list of cleverly, harmoniously-named yoga studios in your area. Who knew finding peace and focus can be such a chaotic process of elimination. What brokerage sites such as Groupon and Living Social doesn’t provide is the option (for the business and the customer) to differentiate between every yoga studio. Heck, they even use the same photography style for each listing.

What allows for differentiation between all these yoga studios? Video. Videos can include all the information and benefits of a studio without a text list. Videos help promote a lasting impression on customers by putting a face to the name of the studio.

Small businesses can gain a tremendous amount of effective awareness through this old marketing tool called video. So why aren’t all small businesses doing this? There’s a preconceived notion that a video must include a crew for lighting, a videographer, actress, location and content. The last one on that list, yes. It is proven that viewers of YouTube videos rate the quality and effectiveness of a video based on content rather than videography. This means that anyone can shoot a video anywhere as long as they provide relevant content. Personal trumps professional.

If you think about it, TV ads are videos and TV ads are the most effective in providing easily-recollectable information about a brand based purely on traditional marketing. Now, you have the tools to imitate this type of marketing because it is close to free and relatively fast.

What to include in a video?

-Using your product/service in action

-Instructions and advice

-Allow viewers to write reviews and share

-Post videos on your website and on YouTube

-Study the analytics after viewership.

Videos should be quick unless it is an informational tutorial. Meaning, it only takes a minute or less to show your customers and potential clients how your yoga studio stands out from the rest.


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