Revolutionary Yoga Mat: Tera


LUNAR introduces a product that allows home fitness equipment to be easily assimilated into the home habitat with TERA.

TERA, a revolutionary fitness mat that interacts with the user’s motions to improve balance, poses, and acts as a guideline for performing poses correctly. Designed by LUNAR, a European fitness company, this mat is unique in its shape, reflecting the full-range circular motion of the body’s movement. It also lays as a decorative rug.


The mat lights up with LED lights that respond to your pressure. It guides your safe transitions between workouts by illuminating where your body should be placed next and senses your incorrect weight distribution then guides you to correct it. Paired up with an app that leads the workout, the user simply follows the instructions and tips provided on screen.

Personally as a yoga enthusiast, my yoga practice is performed on a sacred, sweaty mat that I wouldn’t want laid out for the world to casually chit chat over. This would be an interesting item of conversation to have in the home purely for novelty purposes, but would definitely need to provide more value than it currently does to be considered as a fitness equipment or a piece of home decoration.



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