Best Free iPhone Yoga Apps

Looking for a way to carry out your yoga practice without hitting the studio? Searching for yoga apps may be overwhelming, but the search for free yoga apps leaves you with a choice of two popular free apps: Daily Yoga and Simply Yoga. For your at-home yoga session there are numerous amounts of paid yoga apps. However, I’m going to review the two iPhone yoga apps that offer a free trial.

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga

Best for:

  • Quick yoga sessions
  • Relaxing yoga
  • Serene background music
  • Quick guide to yoga poses

If you’re looking for a relaxing and slow-paced yoga session, Daily Yoga offers 5,10, or 15 minute sessions in their free trial. These sessions are guided by a calming female voice with what I depict is an Asian accent, seeing that the app features three Asian instructors. Although the sessions flow together pose by pose, she explains how to get in and out of poses but offers very little adjustment reminders or little tweaks that keeps your poses in check. Daily Yoga is not as engaging as Simply Yoga when it comes to sessions, but it does offer plenty of other features. There is a pose dictionary that allows users to click on a thumbnail of a pose to summon a short video on how to perform that pose. There is also a surprisingly wide variety of background music to choose from.

Simply Yoga

Simply yoga free

Best for:

  • Long yoga sessions
  • At-home yoga instructor vibe
  • Personal tracking system

If you’re looking for something that is more engaging, Simply Yoga replicates a yoga instructor better than Daily Yoga. You are given explanations of the pose, guided adjustments, and clear instructions. However, sessions do not flow from pose to pose but instead uses mountain pose to end and start almost every single pose. With Simply Yoga, users are given the option of 20, 40 or 60 minute sessions which mimics studio sessions more closely. As far as other app features, users can choose to play an ocean wave background, make a personal profile, and set reminders for their next yoga session. Even though Simply Yoga does not offer a pose dictionary, users can play a video that allows them to skip through a video to select instructions for a pose.

Both are great apps for at-home yoga sessions so I’d suggest to download both (they’re free anyway!) and explore!


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