Non-slip Yoga Mat Technology Review: Kulae

Kulae boasts its new tpECOmat™ designed with traction-inducing rubber and TPE technology to eliminate bacteria growing on their yoga mats. The new technology in this yoga mat seems promising in solving some of the most common yoga frustrations.

First, the smell. Second, the embarrassing and frustrating moment that you have to stop your flow to adjust your mat. Never having to slip around and readjust? Never having to clean another yoga mat again? I’m sold! Before diving into buying what seems to be a life-changing mat, here’s a review of what Kulae’s tpECOmat offers.

Kulae epECOmat: $48-$78

The epECOmat line comes in 3mm for $48, 5mm for $58, and 8mm for $78. All of the mats in this line are 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and contain no PVC, latex, cadmium, lead or rubber. Found in other yoga mats, these materials are known to cause allergic reactions. epECOmat seems to provide a truly eco-friendly mat free of chemical huss and fuss. These mats have dual layers which provide two color options. They also provide extra grip that surpass the grip found in other yoga mats by using TPE. This material uses closed cell technology, which means that bacteria and germs cannot linger in the mat, which is what happens with most natural rubber mats. To sum it up, you get a non-slip, anti-bacterial yoga mat that is also eco-friendly.

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For the features that this mat can offer, $48 doesn’t seem like a high price to pay for a stink-free, frustration-free mat.


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