SmartMat: #1 Most Successful Yoga Crowdfunding Campaign

Why is crowd funding so powerful? It represents the needs and wants of normal people being met by other people just like themselves. The ideas being campaigned are powered by the integrity of the product and inventor, not by the bank roll of giant corporations shamelessly marketing its own ideas upon society. Crowdfunding is the result of the collective effort of individuals who believe in an idea.

SmartMat is the most successful crowdfunding campaign for yoga, reaching its goal within 24 hours. Raising $300,000 for its campaign, SmartMat promises to bring a yoga mat that may cause yoga studios to become obsolete.


The mat is interactive to its user, offering adjustments to achieve the perfect pose. Although nothing can replace human intuition, the mat is supposed to help with pose, alignment and balance based on censors in the yoga mat. The mat connects via app to respond to its user.


SmartMat has 3 modes for home use, class use, or zen mode which performs like a regular, non-interactive yoga mat. Its $447 price tag may be alarming, but we’ll see how many people will pay to speed up their yoga practice in 2015.


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