Wearable Yoga Technology: Athos

Athos is truly groundbreaking in its advanced real-time technology. Biosignal technology is built into training tops and bottoms to monitor muscle activity, heart rate, and breath rate. The combination of these sensors is supposed to track performance to enhance a more efficient workout.


Connected by a “core” via bluetooth, the core collects data on your performance and sends it to your device. Only one core is needed even while wearing both outfit pieces.


The core can determine breath, heart rate and muscle output and displays this data in real time as you perform. Athos’ gear is designed to enhance the human experience and allow its users to receive details of their performance. This would give valuable insight into¬†the user’s training and allow them to become even more efficient now that they are able to analyze their body’s output in a way that could never have been done before. Athos wearable technology shouldn’t only be limited to working out, but can be highly beneficial for medical uses due to its ability to work as an injury-prevention tool.


Athos’ limited choices presents one long-sleeve shirt for women, capris for women, and the same outfit for men all at $99 a piece. Although limited in style, each piece of clothing is offered in a generous array of sizes ranging from xs-xxl (specific measurements provided). The core, being the brain of the system, is $199 and can be used with the shirt or pants. A whole set can be reserved from Athos’ website for $397 and will be shipped in January.


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