Infrared Hot Yoga: Steam Room or Sauna


Hot Yoga comes in two flavors: stream room or sauna.

Most yoga studios (in SoCal at least) resembles a steam room that heats up water in the air and then disperses it. Infrared hot yoga resembles a sauna by sending safe infrared heat instead of hot steam throughout the room.

My first question was: is it safe?
Yes. Infrared heat penetrates the body but claims that it is not harmful like UV rays from the sun. It is so safe that hospitals use this type of heating system to keep delicate new borns warm.

My second question: what are the benefits?
Since the far infrared rays penetrate the body with microns, deep tissue activation and relaxation can occur at a more efficient pace. Visit Poe Yoga for a detailed breakdown of the natural micron that your body emits. The rays reflect heat from objects around the room, similar to how the sun reflects heat. The lack of water dispersion involved means that there are less chances for mold to grow.

Personally, when I come out of a hot yoga studio I’m never sure if I’m producing sweat because of the hard work I just put out or if the studios steam machine was set on high towards my mat. With infrared yoga, your body’s energy output is the only source of moisture.


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