Light Up Yoga Mat: Glow Mat


Put 15 MIT students in a Product Engineering Processes class and you get a light-up yoga mat.

So what makes this one different from the SmartMat and TERA yoga mats?

Plug it in and Glow Mat hooks up to the user’s computer to give guided assistance according to personal profiles. Using pressure censors to record body weight distribution and LEDs on the mat to visually guide users, the Glow Mat seems very similar to TERA. The only difference thus far is Glow Mat’s yoga-mat shape instead of TERA’s circle-rug shape, and the connectivity. Glow Mat connects to a computer while TERA is used through an app.


The LEDs are protected by pvc foam, all layered underneath silicone which is the surface that is exposed.

Glow Mat offers a workout summary at the end of its user’s work out session, but the most unique feature that I find is the option of learning poses by flowing through a sequence or learning poses individually. With only a prototype in existence, eager adopters of high-tech yoga mats may find themselves going with TERA or Smart Mat in 2015.

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