Free, Quick, Effective Marketing Tool: Video

There are endless Yoga studios marketing themselves on sites such as Groupon and Living Social. An overwhelming list of cleverly, harmoniously-named yoga studios in your area. Who knew finding peace and focus can be such a chaotic process of elimination. What brokerage sites such as Groupon and Living Social doesn’t provide is the option (for the business and the customer) to differentiate between every yoga studio. Heck, they even use the same photography style for each listing.

What allows for differentiation between all these yoga studios? Video. Videos can include all the information and benefits of a studio without a text list. Videos help promote a lasting impression on customers by putting a face to the name of the studio.

Small businesses can gain a tremendous amount of effective awareness through this old marketing tool called video. So why aren’t all small businesses doing this? There’s a preconceived notion that a video must include a crew for lighting, a videographer, actress, location and content. The last one on that list, yes. It is proven that viewers of YouTube videos rate the quality and effectiveness of a video based on content rather than videography. This means that anyone can shoot a video anywhere as long as they provide relevant content. Personal trumps professional.

If you think about it, TV ads are videos and TV ads are the most effective in providing easily-recollectable information about a brand based purely on traditional marketing. Now, you have the tools to imitate this type of marketing because it is close to free and relatively fast.

What to include in a video?

-Using your product/service in action

-Instructions and advice

-Allow viewers to write reviews and share

-Post videos on your website and on YouTube

-Study the analytics after viewership.

Videos should be quick unless it is an informational tutorial. Meaning, it only takes a minute or less to show your customers and potential clients how your yoga studio stands out from the rest.


Steps to achieve Core Power Yoga’s flawless email marketing


What was the first and most widely used social media? Email. 60secondmarket gives us a list of the top 52 social medias including the highly overlooked email. If you think about it, not everyone engages in all types of social media platforms, but almost everyone has an email. More importantly, people are inclined to check their emails for work, school and personal life.

So why does checking emails make me hate life? Finding one email that you actually look forward to is like finding a needle in a haystack. In this post I’ll cover why Core Power Yoga’s emails stand out amongst the pool of junk mail from similar service-oriented emails. Core Power Yoga promotes its services, retreats, and class schedules here:, focusing on the service aspect instead of retail.

Below is an example of Core Power’s October 2014 email:

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 3.54.23 PM

Subject line: Instantly intrigues readers with the question, “Ready for the next step?”. This question automatically provokes audience interaction through shear curiosity as you ask yourself, “am I?” or, “ready for what?”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 3.52.50 PM

Video: CPY uses a video in their email. Videos are highly effective tools to grab and retain attention next to text and pictures.

Text links: The orange links lead users to specific studios close to their location and to the website itself. Text links are the most effective ways to get users to go to a website in comparison to other forms of links including pictures.

Content: CPY embraces the philosophy of “less is more” when it comes to this email. It clearly informs users about the fall teacher training through text links, video, pictures and testimonials by actual teachers. This email is focused and direct, eliminating the possibility of over-informing and confusing the readers.

Share-ability: Lastly, the email provides readers with the option of sharing the content of the email through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Overall, their emails are straight forward, provides its readers with tools to learn more, and adds a touch of free marketing through the option of sharing.

The Secret to making your furry pages famous

Kittens 'n Puppies

Not Every Furry Pet Can Be An Internet Celebrity

So you’ve got a page about kittens and puppies, and no one can find it in Google?

Ever wonder why that is? And did you ever wonder how the folks who have similar web pages, or maybe even worse looking web pages, are at the top of the search results get there?

Are you curious (or even desperate) to know what the basics of a great and sound SEO campaign are? Well, wonder no more because this trusty guide breaks it all down for you, from PPCs to Facebook advertising and everything in between. When you need people to find your business on the Internet (or your page about puppies and kittens), you simply can’t neglect a strong SEO campaign.

Walk the path of great SEO

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Yoga Infographic

Is Google reading our minds? Google’s instant preview tool provides a snapshot of the world’s collective thought process. For example, typing in “how to” in the search bar will show suggested results of the most popular searches done on google. This is Google summing up what most of us are curious to know. How is this search engine related to my blog, yoga and new trends? Simply put: Google lays out the most popular trending searches. It seems almost vital to be aware of the top trends in order to keep up with the times today. So yes, google will always be a mind-reading machine as long as everyone “googles” what they’re curious to find out.

Here, I’ve used this tool to bring you a snapshot of what yoga is transforming into. Allowing Google to lead the search on the words “yoga trends”, I’ve collected the top yoga fads that are new and upcoming. Some trends such as Doga and Acro-yoga transform what used to be a silent, self-discovering practice into an interactive social activity with another friend or Fido (floaties, anyone?).  Staying true to asana (body-focused) yoga, Roga and Paddleboard yoga offers maximum strength and balance challenges for any hard core fitness fanatics looking to push their limits. These trends aren’t slow to show up either. Groupon offers many yoga deals for Paddleboard yoga and Acro yoga already. I’ve put together a little info graphic that gives a quick look into what yoga looks like today amongst men and women, locations across the United States, and descriptions of the newest yoga trends.

Yoga Trends